In the summer of last year, the square narrow-frame sunglasses brought the fashion world back to the sci-fi world of the movie Matrix, everyone is like a ruthless and high-intelligence hacker. This exploration of the Internet and the data world has not stopped. The Australian brand Ex Infinitas has been inspired by the Australian surf culture, while the NOWAVE collection, which appeared at Paris Fashion Week, is also derived from “surfing”. Only this time is closer to our daily life - surfing the Internet.


Ex Infinitas' brand concept is “Of Infinity”, and designer Lukas Vincent has been exploring the intertwining of the past and the future. The way the works are presented is a blend of old and new, blending tradition and technology, classic and modern.

His new work for the spring and summer of 2019 is colorful, neon yellow and pink, bright blue and green, and black "NOWAVE" lettering, with reflective locomotive sunglasses. In order to design this series of tribute to the past and futuristic, Lukas spent a lot of energy and time researching the streets of Paris and Milan. The surfers left the coast, which is the first literal meaning of "NO WAVE." The other meaning, from the "pre-Internet era" in the 70s and 80s, "I think the future will be even cooler", to think about whether the Internet is making our lives better. It is.