The inspiration for his label came to Lukas Vincent in the intoxication: his father, an astrologer, had recommended him the hallucinogen DMT. So far so unusual. The fact that Ex Infinitas was already nominated for the prestigious Woolmark Prize after one season is almost even more incredible. Normally designers work several years before they receive this recognition. But it seems as if the world had been waiting for Lukas Vincents' relaxed surfer looks. For his bathrobes, hoodies and skater pants, the Australian combines romantic 70s with modern, minimalist punk. The result fits into the suburbs of Melbourne, where Vincent grew up, as well as the fashionable neighborhoods of Paris.

Ex Infinitas is already celebrated as the next big thing, as the Australian response to the cult label Vetements. It also hardly interferes with the fact that the Woolmark prize in March of this year ultimately did not go to Ex Infinitas. Even Vincent himself has no problem with this - everything went too fast. And in case it does not work with fashion, he already has a plan B in his head: living directly by the sea and much kiffen. But this will not happen: Ex Infinitas hits a nerve in these hectic times - after all, we want to go all the way to the beach. But first we slip into one of these bathrobes. Hang loose!