The Brainchild Of Australian Designer Lukas Vincent's Clothing Label EX Infinitas, Has Been Blazing A Trail Through The Fashion World In Recent Years Thanks To Its Bold Designs That Cleverly Incorporate Australian Culture And Surfer Lifestyle. We Investigated.



Hugo Compain


Tell us about Ex Infinitas. How did the project start?

I had just moved back to Australia after living in New York and Paris for over 7 years and really couldn't find any clothes here that I was interested in buying. Naturally, being so far from the rest of the world also meant having limited access to fashion from overseas. I felt it was the right time to start my own business - I connected with a lot of influential people on my journey, many of whom are now involved in the project. The brand ethos sits at the intersection of Australian subculture and tailoring- so there are always subtle elements that reference these ideas. We work with a few prestigious mills in Italy, some who produce highly unique fabrications seen for only one season and never re-produced- so everything we do is quite limited and special.


Why choose Lukas Ionesco to star in your movie?

I firstly encountered Lukas watching the Larry Clark film “The Smell of Us”, not long before I came to Paris to cast models for the movie. I remember being completely mesmerized by this boy. I felt his energy and presence was perfect for the project. To me, he possesses all the characteristics of authentic youth culture today- a boy who is enigmatic, creative, progressive and overall has a beautiful energy.


What story does your Spring/Summer 2017 collection tell?

The narrative of the collection follows Australian youth on a journey through the very real aspects of our culture. Much of the youth today love fashion, but usually can't afford the price tag- this collection was also to illustrate boys that perhaps spend all their money on expensive clothes and cant afford a decent place to live. Hence the lookbook was shot in an abandoned building where many young artists were squatting at the time.


What are your biggest inspirations for Ex Infinitas?

I grew up in a very small beach town in Australia, where fashion was certainly not part of the cultural diet. I realized early on that my unique upbringing, which could be perceived as the antithesis of fashion, would be the perfect inspiration. So I focus on the somewhat mundane, as the basis for the brand and collection, but executed in an elevated way. Surf culture is no doubt a huge part of our culture and it was also my idea to bring that into a luxury space, without abandoning the grittier aspects.


Are there any typically Australian elements in the clothing that you design?

Drawing upon some of the more typical elements of Australian culture was one of my prime motivations. Throughout the collection, there are luxury 15 micron wool “wife beater” singlets, shearling bucket hats, neoprene wetsuit shorts, oversized reverse denim jeans, surf webbing belts, Sex Wax t-shirts & hoodies, UGG inspired platform sandals, hybrid tailored board pants, dressing gowns and 70’s velour-like Italian knits that thwart the traditional idea of knitwear.


What are your thoughts about Australian fashion in general?

Australia is very insular, yet also very focused on overseas trends for inspiration at the same time. After living in other parts the world, when I came back to Australia, I was in some ways quite bored with what I was seeing in fashion. So creating a brand that had its own unique soul and identity was vital- I wanted to extract something at the core and deliver it in a very striped back, yet highly curated way. 


How do you see young fashion designers fitting into today’s world?

I think it’s always the responsibility of a new generation to usher in a revived sense of energy and inspiration to today’s world. Inevitably, fashion moves with time, and right now is a very precarious one- I think the current mood in fashion certainly reflects the spirit of a new generation- free, fluid, unconventional and anti-establishment, but also highly knowledgeable. Sometimes not fitting in is key.


What are three Australian Instagram accounts that we should follow?